Since the team has no ‘real’ base we don’t have a weekly chain-gang to claim as our gift to the local cycling community. Instead, for the past couple of ‘off-seasons’ we’ve been putting on open social rides.  They’re not your average group ride and definitely not the for the fair-weather, immaculate black-top only roadie.

The CLASSICO, MGGA, the Glasgo Rando, the Faultline and a’cross toon are not races nor sportives, they’re open social rides. They’re unsupported and you are responsible for your own equipment and more importantly, yourself. You join us at your own risk and you are expected to ride in a safe, considerate manner, both to other road users and other riders.

Call out the hazards, always bring spares, dress like a pro, fill your pockets with scran, enjoy the ride and don’t be a dick. 

Scroll down to the ride for more information on our rides and routes.

#doyouevenlanebro CLASSICO – 14.04.19

In tribute of the closest thing to ‘cross in the off season, the Classics, we present you our #doyouevenlanebro CLASSICO. It’s a generous expression of road riding to the south of Glasgow combing ~ 120 ish km of local lanes, strade bianchelee and renfrewshire ribinou ending up at the clubhouse (Clydesdale CC) to watch the last hour or so of Paris-Roubaix.

There WILL be some gravel. It’s perfectly rideable on a road bike but we’d recommend tough 25mm++ wide rubber, definitely not your precious race wheels and a sense of adventure.

We will unfortunately not be stopping for punctures (or slow pokes) along the way. We’re on a pretty tight schedule to get back to watch P-R. If you find yourself in a bit of grief, fix it up, smash a few tangfastics and either catch the group up along another section of the meandering route or meet us back at the clubhouse for après-velo beers.

If you want to come it is mandatory to have the route with you.  Either download via Komoot below or manually via this link.

We’ll be leaving from the Battlefield Rest from 9am on Sunday the 14th of April. See you then!

GLASGO RANDO – 21.06.19

This is our pagan rando offering to the Summer Solstice, 300km circumnavigating the Dear Green Place. The route is to be confirmed as we test it out in parts, but we will be leaving from Battlefield Rest early, early on Friday 21st of June. Below is the rough idea to date.

#makegravelgreatagain – 13.07.19

After last year’s brutal-on-body-and-brake-pads,  anti-Grinduro gravel ride we return to Queen Elizabeth Forest Park for 100km of the tracks and trails around Loch Ard and Achray Forests in a sort of figure of eight with Aberfoyle at the centre.

You’re never that far from Aberfoyle so if you’re not used to the rigours of gravel riding then you can always head back to the toon for an early shandy or perhaps take a shortcut to catch the group up later on in the ride. There are some spicy sections so if you’re not totally confident on this kind of terrain take it easy and enjoy the scenery.

All welcome. 32mm+ recommended (Land Cruisers, Nanos, MSO X’Plor type tyres). Do not turn up on your road bike and get all diva-like when you realise it’s 100km of gravel. In some sections there are big chuckies that will make a riot of your 23mm tyres. There will be a wide range of abilities so naturally different groups will form along the route.

The #makegravelgreatagain route can be downloaded from the below link and it is mandatory to have the route with you one way or the other.

We’ll be leaving from the Aberfoyle Car Park (location below) at around 10:30am on Saturday the 14th of July. See you then!


The Faultline is the dirty love child of multi-day endurance riding and cartophilia. From the very bottom to the very top of Scotland, Mull of Galloway to Dunnet Head, lighthouse to lighthouse. 1,300km along and over 16km up, alot of it off the public road. Provisionally we are looking to start Saturday 18th of May right up to Sunday 26th of May 2019.

a’cross toon

Before we close our the ‘off-season’ and get back to business as usual I’m dreaming of a inner-city cross ride joining up the network of suburban lanes, back alleys, golf course tracks, parkland paths, junkie trails and super secret shortcuts. Route and date to be confirmed…