It’s difficult to explain exactly what Albannach is but I think the best way is to describe it as a vehicle for combining my passions for design and cycling. Since 2010 I’ve been developing titanium frames and seasonal cycling kits to match. I don’t build the frames or stitch the kits but I design and engineer their unique details and style.

Albannach is a Gaelic word that translates as ‘Scottish’ or ‘Scotsman’, though I like to use the literal translation; ‘to belong to Scotland’.

Through Albannach I will to continue to develop my designs for racing machines and riding attire and hope to collaborate with like minded people of our beautiful sport.

This site will for the most part document all things Albannach; new frames, new kits, new riders, race and ride reports but will also seek to promote cycling and racing in Scotland.  It will interview riders and race organisers and photo-document killer bikes all from the Scottish cycling scene.

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