Albannach Bikes

SCX1 – My first encounter with ‘cross

Almost two years ago, I was persuaded to take part in Nether Mind the PolloX, a women’s only ‘cross training day with a race at the end. Having no idea what to expect, I went along with my full suspension mountain bike. Needless to say, my bike choice was a little off but after an awesome […]


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SCX2 – Knockburn Loch Preview with Gordon

Well, Davie and Franco did not disappoint! SCX1 Cally Park brought the traditional fast and flowing parcours bathed in sunshine with exciting racing throughout the day. I personally had a bit of a mare with a puncture on the first half lap but was quickly thrown back into the pain cave (after I had relinquished my timing […]


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Unicrois Sauce – Homemade Embrocation

The howl of super rhinos on rollers, the aroma of freshly ground coffee, that first glimpse of the parcours, the taste of warm, salt and honey porridge, the feel of mud and sand  on your bars. Cyclocross is a party for the senses and there are precious few sensory memories that will take you back to ‘cross more than […]

Unicrois Sauce

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SCX1 – Cally Park Preview with Davie and Franco

CROSS IS HERE! We had some great series primers with the season opener at the Battle of Balloch Castle CX and then a record entry race at Bute Cross. For some it came as a surprise of how well they were going, for the rest it was the good kick up the hole they needed to get them ready for October. With just over […]

SCX1 Cally Park

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During the working weeks I’ve been based down in D&G for nearly a year now and it kills me to say that I’ve yet to enjoy one second of the many 7Stanes trail centres down here. Five of the seven centres within a wee drive of the site and I’ve never had the chance to get on […]


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Grianach Kit Pre Order

— SORRY, THE PRE-ORDER HAS NOW CLOSED — Here it is, the first of our limited edition apparel, our jersey & vest coalesce, the GRIANACH KIT. GRIANACH ~ grʲianəx (gree-an-ach) is Scottish Gaelic for ‘sunny’ but since it’s rarely sunny in the motherland we literally mean ‘sunny as f*ck’. Based on the very popular SR Albannach Summer […]


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How to – organise a ‘cross race

‘m by no means a seasoned expert in this field, with only my third event in the bag as a race organiser. I have, however, lost count of the number of folk telling me they’d love to put on a race but just have no idea how to. So, here is how I organise a […]


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SQ3 – Baws Oot at Beveridge Park

We’ve had everything this year. Good courses, shite courses, rain, sun, snow, punctures, crashes, the lot. One thing that I am ashamed to admit is that this year is the first year that I’ve ever had any involvement in actually helping out the organisers on the day of a race. Most people rock up race go home […]


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