Let’s not mince about here, we all know why we’re putting on a cross-gravel epic today, it’s Forrest Whittaker’s birthday, and he loves a roam about on the vitamin G*.

To honour the Last King of Scotland I’ve cooked up a route of around 100km of the tracks and trails around Loch Ard and Achray Forests in a sort of figure of eight with Aberfoyle at the centre.

The #makegravelgreatagain loop can be downloaded to GPX or TCX here and it is mandatory to have the route with you one way or the other.

You’re never that far from Aberfoyle so if you’re not used to the rigours of gravel riding then you can always head back to the toon for an early shandy or perhaps take a shortcut to catch the group up later on in the ride.

All welcome. 32mm + recommended (Land Cruisers, Nanos, MSO X’Plor type tyres). Do not turn up on your road bike and get all diva-like when you realise it’s 100km of gravel. In some sections there are big chuckies that will make a riot of your 23mm tyres. I imagine there will be a wide range of abilities so naturally I think different groups will form along the route.

This is not a race nor a sportive, it’s an open, social, free ride. It’s unsupported and you are responsible for your equipment and more importantly, yourself. You join us at your own risk and you are expected to ride in a safe, considerate manner, both to other road users and other riders, so don’t be a dick. There are some spicy sections so if you’re not totally confident on this kind of terrain take it easy and enjoy the scenery.

We’ll be leaving from the Aberfoyle Car Park (location below) at around 10:30am on Saturday the 15th of July. See you then!

*plus I can’t justify spending £150 to cross over to the Isla del Weej, enter an hour long race, grab a burger and gin and camp out (for free).


Sounds great – hopefully on again another date as I’ll be at Grinduro that particular weekend.


Jonathan Newton

Will anyone have space for a small one* in their car? Or will I be taking the train to Balloch and doing a century?

*Not actually small

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