Double dCROIS

Earlier this year one of my best pals, Eoghan Maguire and I decided it was time for an ‘cross bike upgrade. Magsy had been stomping along to decent results on his Ridley X-Bow for the past few seasons all the while admiring the comparatively lightweight machine I’d been chasing him on (and even on the rare occasion beating him #theonlyracethatmatters); my CROIS 2012. 2015 was the year for a new weapon and I too was keen to have the disc brake version of my cyclocross race machine, the dCROIS.



22284160288_afcb64e395_kMagsy and I share pretty much identical geometry with the exception of a few micro-adjustments in saddle height & setback, bar rotation and shifter position. This made the design and the ordering very easy; two of everything.

22471879395_fa322e6199_k22284273149_c2782650e3_kBoth of us wanted to run 1 x 11 setups so the frame has been designed specifically for that setup removing unnecessary front derailleur ducting cable stops. A cyclocross specific race frame meant that we would also forego bottle cage holes. This all would lead to a slightly lighter build. Internal cable ducting would only be needed for the rear disc brake (DT > CS) and rear derailler (TT > SS). The brake cable (hose) routing was aligned specifically for a LHD (UK style) setup. I personally think this is idealistic for disc-brake setup and also for ‘cross if you dismount on the non-drive side. With the disc-brake on the non-drive side this is an easier route from the right hand shifter to brake caliper. If you dismount to the non-drive side you ideally want your left hand actuating your speed as you come to dismount using your rear brake; using your front brake could see you end up in a right fankle. [note – Magsy decided to go RHD,  I guess to embrace the €.]

22482072961_ca45b4e8d6_k22482837881_a8c90f7732_kNo bottle cage holes also meant that I could adopt a new graphic layout with a single ‘albannach’ covering most of the upperside of the downtube. A wee #unicrois on the seat tube was a must to match the 2015 SRACX kit.


22445089596_926c0a4f62_kThe build

Both Magsy’s and my dCROIS builds went something like this:

  • SRAM Force 1 hydraulic disc brake groupset (42T (Magsy), 38T (Jim)),
  • Light Bicycle 35mm carbon rims laced onto Hope Pro2 hubs (red (Magsy, purple (Jim)),
  • Shoed up with Challenge Open Tubular Limus tyres,
  • 3T Luteus fork nestled in with a Hope 2 up top, Hope E down below,
  • Shimano XT PD-M780 pedals,
  • Fizik Arione Vs saddle,
  • 3T Pro finishing kit,
  • Wrapped up with Lizards Skins DSP black tape, and
  • Topped off with some (red (Magsy, purple (Jim)) Hope rotors, skewers, clamps, spacers & bolts.

A special thanks to my boy Euan Lindsay (t : @euancx | i : @euanlindsay), painter especiale at Shand Cycles who mixed, matched, basecoated, topcoated, masked, unicroised and lacquered up my 3T Luteus forks to match the purple Hope parts.

22283419328_1a453a3b37_k22283147580_c48638b699_kFor more photies of Eoghan’s and Jim’s dCROIS have a swatch in these respective galleries – Eoghan’s dCROIS | Jim’s dCROIS

The name

dCROIS /krɔʃ/ pronounced cross – in English, cross.

The geometry

For those interested they were both a ’52’ dCROIS. Details on the geometry can be seen in the table below.



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