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our DUBH {doo} straps are back! The DUBH strap is a black utility strap made of tough, stretchy polyurethane and a heat-treated aluminium buckle.

Made for Albannach by Voile these guys are the ultimate way to secure, bundle, and repair almost anything on the go.

Strap a tube your frame, secure some tinnies to your rack, hold tight to your dry bag of camping jammies, fasten down your finest Devonshire red. Whatever you need to carry, these are the perfect peace-of-mind fastener hing-me-jigs!

This time around we’ve opted to stock both the 15″ and the 25″. The 15 incher is ideal for strapping additional water bottles, tool rolls or a pair of inner tubes to your frame. The 25 incher is perfect for securing larger (around 10l) bar bags and fork bags or for lashing additional stuff around your saddle bag.

We’re selling these guys in pairs – either £12 for two of the 15 inchers or £14 for two of the 25 inchers

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pair of 15 inchers, pair of 25 inchers