Email sent out on Monday to entrants as follows:

“I’ve got some bad news for everyone I’m afraid. Unfortunately we were unable to gain the minimum number of entries that we require to enable us to put on the event this year. We’re just a small group of racers and sadly cannot operate HalloX at a loss.

You’ll understand that we had set a deadline for entry closure as one week before the start of the event. The reason for this is to be absolutely sure of our budget and outgoings. One week is also the absolute minimum time we realistically need to gather together all the component parts for putting on events. We tend to spend a lot to make our events as good as possible for the racers and spectators. While we could cut back in some places to save on budget we feel that this would be detrimental to the actual quality of the event. 
Again I’m sorry for the late notice however I have tried my best this weekend to see if we could make this work. 
I will be issuing full refunds to all entrants as soon as possible.
Sadly, this is the second year in a row that we’ve not mangaged to get the entries we need to make this work so we’ll be taking a break from hosting HalloX. It may resurrect again in a couple of seasons.
Chris Barr & Jim Cameron”