The dCROIS of Chris Barr

On the back of last years triple dose of dCROIS arriving on the Scottish Cyclocross scene my boy, team mate and training mongo Chris was keen to get in on the titanium party. While our recent dispatches from Albannach HQ were of the 1x design Chris was wanting to stick with the more 2x persuasion.  He did however go for the full cyclocross race specific frame design, foregoing bottle cage holes.

Chris' dCROIS

Chris' dCROIS

Internal cable ducting for the rear disc brake (DT > CS), front derailer (DT) and rear derailler (TT > SS) to optimise shifting durability with the brake cable (hose) routing aligned specifically for a LHD (UK style) setup. As mentioned previously, to the detriment of our European and American and whoever else in the world rides RHD comrades, I personally think this is the ideal setup for disc-brakes for ‘cross if you dismount on the non-drive side, which everyone does except John MacKenzie and K-Pau. With the disc-brake on the non-drive side this is an easier route from the right hand shifter to brake caliper. If you dismount to the non-drive side you ideally want your left hand actuating your speed as you come to dismount using your rear brake; using your front brake could see you end up in a right fankle.

No bottle cage holes also meant that we could adopt the single ‘albannach’ graphic covering most of the upperside of the downtube. A wee #unicrois on the seat tube to finish it all off.

Chris' dCROIS

Chris' dCROIS

The build

Chris’ dCROIS build went something like this:

  • Shimano Ultegra Hydraulic Groupset with a 46-36T crankset,
  • 35mm carbon rims laced onto Hope Pro4 hubs,
  • Shoed up with Challenge Tubular Baby Limus tyres,
  • Custom Euan Lindsay painted TRP fork nestled in with a Hope 2 up top, Hope E down below,
  • Shimano XT PD-M780 pedals,
  • Fizik R7 saddle,
  • Zipp Service Course finishing kit,
  • Wrapped up with Lizards Skins DSP tape, and
  • Topped off with some Hope skewers, clamps, spacers & bolts.

For more photies of Chris’ dCROIS have a swatch at the gallery

Chris' dCROIS

The name

dCROIS /krɔʃ/ pronounced cross – in English, cross.

The geometry

This was a custom round of geometry specifically designed for Chris’ needs.

Chris' dCROIS



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