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What’s that, you can only get a road tube in your saddle roll. Away with you, get some Roll n’ Black son, we know what you really need.

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For a sweet collaboration between fellow #sralbannach team mate, Master Tailor, Graham Coubrough and Albannach, we present our riding essential tool roll, the Roll n’ Black. This wee looker is made from 1000 denier waterproof* cordura lined with marine grade polyester webbing to keep your goods protected from the elements.

It comes 30cm wide with three generous pouches, large enough to slot in a 700 x 47mm tube down the middle with stacks of room to carry multitool, CO2, chib, tyre levers, boots and patches, emergency burrito monies, TUPs. Once you’ve folded over the tapered top flap and cinched it tight into place through the ladderlock buckle the underside of the Roll n’ Black comes with a wide black ninja retro reflective strip so you can ride classy in the sunshine, roll safe in the moonshine.

Designed and made in Scotland

They’re made to order, so expect around a 10 day turnaround from the moment you order to the day it lands on your doormat.

Shipping is included in the purchase, Europe-wide. If you’re looking to buy from further afield drop Graham a message – graham@albannach.cc

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* The Roll n’ Black isn’t fully waterproof

Step 1 – Fill her up, fold her over

Step 2 – Fold her up into thirds, reflective strip on the outside.

Step 3 – Buckle end over the left rail, tail end over the right rail and thread the tail through the buckle, under then over.

Step 4 – Cinch her up good and tight and then thread the rest of the tail through the tidy loop.

Step 5 – Ride classy in the sunshine, roll safe in the moonshine.