RGCX V | #thirdSunday | HWFG!

Can you believe it?! 2019 sees us return to the Colosseum of Cross for the FIFTH edition of ROUKEN GLEN CYCLOCROSS (RGCX)! Albannach are honoured to once again host the close of the Super Quaich Series at Rouken Glen Park, Sunday the 20th of January 2019.

For the FANS

Just to clarify, it is absolutely FREE to come along and spectate at RGCX. Cyclocross races live on energy and spectacle, so we would really encourage the local community to come along on the day and ring a cowbell, bang a drum, in fact get the whole family involved and bring anything to make as much noise as possible.

For the RACERS

This is your race pack, get comfy and soak up the information.


The race is at ROUKEN GLEN PARK, Rouken Glen Road, Giffnock, East Renfrewshire G46 7UG (post code to the main car park at RGCX).

by CAR

Stick “G46 7UG” into the navigator and follow the machine. Full address is:

Rouken Glen Park, Rouken Glen Rd, Giffnock, East Renfrewshire, G46 7UG

There are two free car parks in Rouken Glen Park; the main one at the garden centre and a second one at the east lodge (veterinary surgery).

For the Main Car Park – From junction 3 off the M77 head east along Nitshill Rd (A727), straight over the round about and then your first right will take you to the garden centre car park. It is signposted “Rouken Glen Park Main Entrance”.  Post Code – G46 7UG

Failing that, continue east along Nitshill Rd (A727) for 500m take another right into the east lodge car park signposted “Rouken Glen Park East Lodge”.  Post Code  – G46 7JZ

Failing that, there is also free on-street parking along Davieland Road which runs along the eastern edge of the park. Please take extra care if you choose to park on Davieland Road. Post Code – G46 7LL


RGCX has it’s very own train station, Whitecraigs which has trains travelling into Glasgow Central. Trains typically take 20 minutes to get to Whitecraigs from Glasgow Central.


Once you’ve arrived at RGP please make signing on to receive your timing chip and race number your priority. Everything after that will fall gloriously into place. There will be magenta (pink) arrows guiding you to the RGCX arena from all directions. Can I ask kindly that the A racers wait until 10.30 to go to sign on to allow the B racers to sign on first. The sign on will be in the race arena just near the waterfall in the south of the park. It will be under a gazebo.

The timings for the day are as follows :

Activity Time  
Sign on opens 09.30
Course opens for practise 10.00 (Open to A & B racers for 45 mins)
Sign on to B race closes 10.30 (1 hr for B race sign on.)
Course closes for practise 10.45 (B racers to now assemble at start line)
B Race Start 11.00
B Race Ends 11.50 (50 mins race + 1 lap)
Last B Rider Expected 12.00
Course opens for practise 12.00 (Open to A racers for an additional 45 mins)
Sign on to A race closes 12.30 (2 hrs for A race sign on)
Course closes for practise 12.45
A Race Starts 13.00
A Race Ends 13.50 (50 mins race + 1 lap)
Last A Rider Expected 14.00
Prize giving for A & B race 14.15


Please make the most of the open course for practice and respect other competitors by leaving the course once it is closed. Announcements will be made to confirm when the course is open and closed.


As the final round of the Super Quaich we have reviewed your performance this season to allocate you to a race. The full rider allocation listing is shown at the bottom of this post.


In an attempt to get a good spread of the field at the start and to mitigate bunching at the first turn we’ve an uphill ‘tarmac’ start chute. Think Spa-Francorchamps, just a bit less glamorous. This will be the only time you come all the way up this hill.

Getting there is easy. From the sign on area you will notice a gravel track heading west, away from the waterfall. Head along that; it takes you along to the golf course. Continue along the track and it will disappear down the hill quite quickly. If you are lost and confused ask a marshal (anyone wearing a pink hi-vis vest).

There’s a slight opening at the bottom where it starts to level out. You will be corralled and ushered into a fenced off muster area downhill of the start grid. You may notice the start lines painted on the ground – DO NOT SIT ON THE START LINE. Everyone must wait in the muster area to be gridded. Please wait there until you are called up to the start line. Please make your way there 15mins before the start of the race. Marshals will be on hand with big on-theme buckets to take jackets, hats, gloves, zip-offs etc. which you can collect at the sign on tent post race at your convenience.


Grassy, gravelly, muddy, rooty, hilly, rad, SIIIKK, repeat. Maybe even snowy…have a look at the COURSE MAP below.


The pits are marked on the map on COURSE MAP below.


There are public toilets at the back (Davieland Road-side) of the Boathouse Café situated on the eastern side of the boating lake. Ask a marshal if in doubt.


This year we will have an onsite food van serving hot & cold drinks and CHIPS.




YOU GET PRIZES! Cash prizes (topped up with some Albannach goods) will be given for the top 3 male and female riders in both the A and B races. The prize giving will take place for both the A & B races straight after the A race.


Yes of course, please bring as many fans, friends, personal photographers, past lovers, colleagues as you like.  Please encourage them to bring instruments of all ilk to make a racket and encourage you and your fellow racers.


Yes of course, please bring encourage all you photographer pals to come along.  Cyclocross is definitely the best form of cyclesport for photographers, loads of weird and wonderful stuff goes down and you see riders again and again throughout the race.

If you are happy for RGCX to use your photos to promote future editions of the race please feel free to add them to the RGCX Flickr Group


If there’s anything I’ve not covered please get in touch with Jim Cameron 

jim@albannach.cc (before the race)

07711220191 (on the day of the race)

If you’re heavy into the social medias make sure you drop in #RGCX for anything relating to the event.




Top 20 to be gridded as follows:

Rider Team
Gary MacDonald Nevis Cycles RT
John MacKenzie SR Albannach
Harry McGarvie Ayr Burners
Cameron Mason Endura – Pedal Power
Niall Shannon SR Albannach
Gary McCrae LBS / BB
Douglas Sharp Kinross CC
George Roberts Icarus Racing
Stephen Crawford Dunfermline CC
Dave Duggan
Rab Wardell
Chris Hinds Rapha CC
Neil Henderson SR Albannach
Richard McDonald BioRacer ProjectGo
Michael Nally Dunfermline CC
Fraser Tait Ayr Roads CC
Ross Wood Ronde CC
Douglas Cameron
Craig Hardie www.hardie-bikes.com
Isla Short

The remainder of the A race will hustle up behind the top 20 and are as follows:

Rider Team
Ally Anderson Fusion Triathlon Club
Paul Anderson Spokes RT
Steven Anderson Glasgow Nightingale CC
John Archibald Haddington CC
John Paul Baxter Ayr Burners
Robert Bloor Edinburgh RC
Graham Brown Sitrling BC
Brenda Callander
Chris Cameron Kinning Cycles
Lee Campbell Glasgow Nightingale CC
Lorne Campbell SR Albannach
Graham Coubrough SR Albannach
Stevie Couper Glasgow United CC
Duncan Crawford Dunfermline CC
Laura Cunningham
Gary Currie Ayr Burners
Jim Davies
Brian Dempster Belhaven Bikes
Jonathan Dennis Kibosh
Craig Donagher Fechan Flyers
Morgan Donnelly
Douglas Dorrington Lomond Roads CC
Ian Dunlop Velo Club Moulin
James Edwards Ayr Burners
Roddy Fawbert
Laura Fidao Ronde CC
Jim foulis Dundee Wheelers
James Fraser-Moodie Pedal Power RT
George Freeman West Lothian Clarion
Keith Froude Edinburgh RC
Chris Fuller Lenzie Velo
Douglas Glen Montvelo CC
Sean Gordon
Tam Gordon
Helen Gorman Sitrling BC
Cameron Gray Royal Albert CC
Keir Greatorex Edinburgh RC
Richard Greenwood Ronde Works Racing
Jonathan Herbert VC Glasgow South
Joshua Higgins RCCK
David Hordon West Lothian Clarion
Julian Howell Kelso Wheelers
Andy Inglis Montvelo CC
Andrew Isherwood Peebles CC
Owen   Jeffries SR Albannach
Ross Johnstone Happy Trails Cross Collective
Steven Jones
Simon Kenny West Lothian Clarion
Glenn Kinning Kinning Cycles
Alicia Lawson Velo Club Moulin
David Lindsay Pedal Power RT
Alastair Little Perth United CC
Stephen MacDonald
Gordon MacKenzie Velo Club Moulin
Kerry MacPhee BikeLove-Genesis
Craig MacWilliam RCCK
Eoghan Maguire SR Albannach
Zara Mair Ronde Works Racing
Brian McCutcheon Walkers CC
Gavin McDougall
Richard McGhee Glasgow Nightingale CC
Paul McInally Pedal Power RT
Raymond McLellan
Karly Millar Rapha CC
James Moore Peebles CC
Louis Moorehead Ronde CC
Adeline Moreau Good Vibes Only
Roslynn Newman Female Riders RT
Chris Nicholson Hoddom velo
Jaime Nicholson Hoddom velo
Tom Nicholson Hoddom velo
David Ogden
Malcolm Paterson Glasgow Nightingale CC
Gemma Penman Glasgow CT
Mark Penman RCCK
Franco Porco
Lewis Rattray SR Albannach
David Ritchie Glasgow Green CC
Steven Robertson Icarus Racing
Matthias Schwannauer Edinburgh RC
Colin Sergeant Law Wheelers CC
Edd Shackley
Colin Shearer Velo Club Moulin
Mark Shilton
Douglas Small Kelso Wheelers
Matthew Smith Velo Club Moulin
Scott Smith Biggar CC
Murray Swanson Pedal Power RT
Garry Templeman Velobants.CC
Brian Thomson Biggar CC
Jeremy Toy Dundee Wheelers
Mike Warbeck Fechan Flyers
Graeme Warren Velo Club Moulin
Chris Watson Glasgow Nightingale CC
Jonte Willins Peebles CC
Steve Wyatt Ronde CC
Callum Wyllie Rapha CC
Roddy Yarr Glasgow Nightingale CC
Brian Yates Carrick CC
Bill Young Pedal Power RT


Rider Team
Stuart Allan
David Anderson RCCK
Ian Anderson Walkers CC
John Anderson Glasgow RC
Pamela Ball Hoddom Velo
Chris Barr SR Albannach
Sarah Barry
Joanne Baxter Ayr Burners
Anna Beck SR Albannach
Lewis Beck
Andrew Bell Here Come The Belgians
Frazer Bell
Peter Bentley Orkney CC
Andrew Bothwell Edinburgh RC
Lindsay Branston RCCK
Keith Breckenridge
Joseph Brennan
James Brewer Glasgow Riderz
Robert Brewer Glasgow Riderz
Andy Brewster West Lothian Clarion
Nigel Brooks Sitrling BC
Rae Captieux SR Albannach
Nigel Carrick Berwick Wheelers
Seonaidh Charity Ronde CC
Gordon Christie Arria Wheelers
Ian Churcher
Alan Clark Glasgow Green CC
Robert Clements Law Wheelers CC
Neil Clyde Haddington CC
Adam Cochrane
Ian Cockburn
Ellen Copeland
Niall Copeland
Brian Corr Mukyriderz
Jamie Corr
Timothy Crone Welland Valley Cycling Club
Allan Crosbie Haddington CC
Paul Dailly Montvelo CC
Bill Davies Law Wheelers CC
Jane Davies Beacon Wheelers
Paul Davies Ronde Works Racing
Katherine Dempster
Lorna Denny Sitrling BC
Gordon Dickson
Lucy Donnelly
Peter Dorrington
Malcolm Dunlop Velo Club Edinburgh
Eric Easton Haddington CC
Lynda Fenton
Deborah Ferns
Isobel Filor
Aileen Fisher Ayr Roads CC
Dean Forrest LCC
Paul Freeman West Lothian Clarion
Sandy Gibbons RCCK
Darren Gilchrist Livingston CC
Alan Gilkison
Graham Gillies
Stephen Hill
Dave Hogg Sitrling BC
Bryan Hutton Two Wheel Army
Mark Keegan Biggar CC
Marion Kennedy Pentland Triathletes
Alison Kerr
Sam Kerr
Alan Laurie Hoddom Velo
Douglas Leslie Ronde CC
Sharon Lindsay Walkers CC
Andy Low Ronde CC
John Lumley Walkers CC
Steve MacLuskie VC Glasgow South
Ewan MacNeilage Ronde CC
Andrew Martin Sitrling BC
James Martin Glenmarnock Wheelers
Stephen Martin
Alex McAllister Ayr Roads CC
Barry McCleery Ronde Works Racing
John McCracken Loudoun RC
Alan McCrear
Craig McCulloch
Alex McDonald Livingston CC
David McFarlane
Lindsay McGarvie Ayr Burners
David McGill RCCK
Mark McGivern Glasgow United CC
Scott McKendrick Fullarton Wheelers
Andrew McLeod Paisley Velo
Thomas McNeish Royal Albert CC
Colin McNiven
Russell Mowat Walkers CC
Kier Murray Peebles CC
Julie Nelson RCCK
Andrew Nicell
Howard Perkins
Davie Robb Walkers CC
Gavin Robertson
Maddy Robinson Velo Club Moulin
Paul Robinson Loudoun RC
Anthony Robson Ride It Like You Stole It
German Rodriguez Edinburgh RC
Alistair Ross Hoddom Velo
Gordon Scott West Lothian Clarion
Rachel Shannon SR Albannach
Chris Shields Walkers CC
David Shields Royal Albert CC
Robert Silverwood
Lorna Sloan
Nicola Smith RCCK
Willie Stephen Velo Club Moulin
Madelyn Swanson Pedal Power RT
Janet Tait
Chris Thompson West Lothian Clarion
Campbell Thomson
Aurelien Thouard Paisley Velo
Bryan Tobyn
Chris White SVTTA
Stuart Whitelaw Fruin RC
Graham Wilson Royal Albert CC
Vicki Woodburn Montvelo CC
James Wright SR Albannach
Graeme Young Arria Wheelers
Grant Young Ayr Roads CC